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We offer services with years of experience in painting cars, specializing painting metallic paint.
We provide a complete coating of new, used and repaired auto parts, also perform minor repair work,
custom assembly and disassembly of components related to painting and final paint finish.

To painting parts we are using top professional American paints and varnishes (with a protective UV filter) DuPont Cromax, with whom we have the best long - term experience.

Colors DuPont Cromax meet the strictest environmental standards with the European VOC designation, which means they are water-degradable. We have our own dispensers for DuPont color mixing any shade of color or metallic. DuPont has the largest database of color swatches, but if you couldn't find the right shade, we are able to remove the appropriate color spectrometer.

For painting we use a spray paint box from the Italian company NOVA VERTA internal dimensions of length - 7.4 m, width - 4,1 m, height - 2.4 m, so we are able to paint a longer passenger cars,
pick-ups or deliveries.
Another of ou activities is the airbrush (American retouch), a professional hand - painting technique, where by special spray guns creates appropriate painting. This painting is done on the cars, motorcycles, helmets (both motorcycle and even goalkeeper - hockey), PC cases, etc.

We provide airbrush only with first-class professional proven materials (Schmincke, Createx, DuPont, 3M Scotch), for result to be the best. Airbrush paints have a permanent color, not fade in the sun and the finish painting which is weather resistant, the resulting painting gets even more contrast and sharpness.
The protective surface of the painting is done multilayer coated high-gloss top finish with a protective UV filter, which after hardening and curing, remains strong and flexible.

We also met with a problem, where this technique is not used like a motorcycle helmets and other accessories with rubber coating. Please note in advance so that do not carry such surface painting.

Some representational work are available in photogalery.